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When the home was purchased the Chimney was painted blue. The fireplace was fitted with a glass enclosure                                

   (Photo from real estate listing)


The chiney was painted white to match the other interior walls.


The flue was reactivated and the glass surround removed.


Brick will be cleaned and repainted. Gas lines must be relocated to a less conspicuous location.

Red tile will be replaced with a more contemporary tile of the same size (in order to avoid modifications to the surrounding hardwood).


Support post will either be wrapped in bright work or painted black. It has not been determined whether the best solution is to emphasize or conceal this feature.


The interface between the masonry and chimney surround requires some form of valance or other treatment to dress the edge. This treatment must be non combustible in accordance with IRC03.

Considering stainless steel, brushed aluminum, tile, or painted steel.


Note that the chimney surround is not wallboard as it initially appears. The entire chimney surround  is constructed from formed thin gage sheet metal with a coat of plaster applied over the top to provide texture (presumably on all four sides extending to the ceiling). As a result, the entire surround is essentially "non combustible".

One option for finishing the chimney is to encase it in a modular arts textured wall tile. However, this wall tile is made from a gypsum composite. As a result it may not be suitable for use near the fireplace opening or on any other surface of the chimney. Tile is also being considered as an alternative.

Fireplace sanded and refinished around facing.

A simple brushed aluminum valance (top of fireplace) was fabricated from some standard angled aluminum channel. Rods to support the spark screen are suspended inside the valance. 

Silver spark screen was ordered through Lisac's Fireplace (manufactured by Cascade Coil).

Gas lines were relocated inside the fireplace to be much less conspicuous.

Still to do:
(1) Clean and paint inside fireplace (black).
(2) Clean and paint corner support post (black)(3)Add rocks to cover the gas lines and burner.


Not Pictured:
The red tile has been removed and replaced with a larger gray tiles (2008).