The south bedroom was converted to be an office and reading area. The desk was sized such that space for a twin bed or pull-out couch remained (thus allowing it to function as a guest room in the future).

Before:                        After:



The exposed portion of the desk structure was made from from ApplePly, which is similar to Baltic Birch. The concealed portions are constructed from a less expensive plywood, which was lighter and easier to work with. The desk surface is Formica VirVarr Light Blue from the "Classics" collection. The desk edge was finished with a clear polyurethane which darkened the ply slightly to complement the flooring and also brought out some of the contrast between the dark and light ply layers. Wiring management for printers, computers, phone chargers, etc. was achieved with desk grommets and carabineer-style hooks under the desk (not pictured).

The file cabinets were purchased from used office equipment stores. The original color of the cabinets was beige. The faces and exposed sides of the cabinets were painted with Krylon "Anodized Bronze" low gloss spray-paint (actual color is a dark gray). The center cabinet is used for file storage and the end cabinets are used for office supplies.

Carpet and Paint:
The carpet was removed and the existing hardwood floors were cleaned/repaired as needed (finish was largely intact). The walls were painted with Miller Paint "Polar White".

The sconce on the West wall was removed and replaced with an inexpensive globe light (Ikea Fado Pendant). After consulting with an electrician it was determined that the wiring could not be easily relocated into the ceiling or North wall. As a compromise, the existing junction box for the sconce was modified to allow external pendant light wiring to be strung vertically past the clerestory windows and horizontally to a pendant light.

Not pictured:
(1) A long book case was added to the north wall (the "tall end" of the room).

(2) Two Eames Shell Chairs (white) with wheeled star bases were added to the desk area.

(3) The louvered closet doors have been removed and replaced with flat front bi-fold doors. These doors are painted Polar White to match the walls.

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